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Lord, area do I even Start with this one!

My adolescent ladies. I’m aghast and absolutely disgusted. Why? Because LinkedIn has become an online adaptation of a New York City street.

When I abutting LinkedIn, I did so because I capital to arrangement with added professionals and added my career. But instead, LinkedIn has become a go-to abode for guys to bawl at me about my looks rather than my portfolio.

I’ll elaborate.

Here’s a LinkedIn bulletin a acquaintance of abundance accustomed endure week. My acquaintance is an adorable blonde, UCSB graduate, and tech recruiter in San Francisco. She had never met or heard of this guy afore – this bulletin was absolutely out of the blue.

Subject: Beautiful Smiles

What a beautiful smile you accept on actuality (on a nice profile) you attending beaming in such a way that intrigues anybody that angle your profile. I was in fact browsing through the account of my access if I came above yours, pulsed and couldn’t abide to say hi accepting apparent such different beauty.

I aboveboard apologize for autograph such claimed bulletin to you as I accept that this Able Networking website prohibits it, but just like I said, I couldn’t abide to say hi.

Please do you apperception blockage in touch? I would adulation to apperceive added about you.

Hope to apprehend from you soon.


If this had been said in the workplace, it would be classified as animal harassment.

While abounding of us will apparently just beam it off, why amusement a able networking website any beneath able than the workplace?

Females accept formed harder and appear so far to be advised appropriately at work.

Now, this isn’t to say women aren’t hitting on guys on LinkedIn, too. And not all men are awful LinkedIn nerds. This is just my claimed experience. However, afterwards speaking with a few accompany of mine, I KNOW this happens consistently with a lot of women.

Guys (and girls), if you acquisition yourself absent to hit on someone, that’s a-okay. We all charge love.

Only next time you wish to get your cyber edge on, chase these directions:

Close LinkedIn

Download Tinder

Download OKCupid

Download Coffee Meets Bagel

Troll as abundant as your affection can handle

See how abounding alternatives there are? They are sites in fact advised for dating. Unlike LinkedIn. Hell, OKCupid even has a clarify so you can acquisition anyone aural a specific assets bracket. See, it’s a lot easier to accumulate the online dating letters aural an online dating site.

Unless, of course, LinkedIn has a “hot woman” and “at atomic an 8 out of 10″ filter. Possibly that’s a Premium feature?

And of course, if you wish an even added dependable section of advice, GET OFF THE COMPUTER! Hit on a babe in person. As continued as it’s affable and funny, we adulation that shit!

One endure little thing

Hence, to prove my point, I did a little agreement of my own.

Simply by announcement one clay account of myself already a day for the accomplished 5 days, I accept accustomed over 1600 new affiliation request. ALL FROM MEN! My contour angle went up from 200 a day to able-bodied over 1,000 a day. And of advance the absolute aweless letters I accept anytime apparent in my lifetime! It is above deplorable. But hey, at atomic all-overs are consistent!

Please feel chargeless to comment, acceptable or bad.

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